Fitted Sheet 70 x 200 cm

Looking for fitted sheets for the mattress size 70 x 200 cm? On you will find a comprehensive overview of all kinds of fitted sheets that are available for this mattress size.

Fitted sheet 70 x 200 cm

The best way to enjoy a real good night's sleep and also ensure that your mattress lasts longer, is with the use of a combination of fitted sheets. We always advise you to use a flannel fitted sheet directly on the mattress. This may be of woven flannel or a flannel stretch fitted sheet. Flannel fitted sheets have a large moisture absorption capacity and this prevents moisture, which you lose overnight, leaking into your mattress..

Over the flannel fitted sheet, you can put another fitted sheet, for example jersey, terry, percaline cotton or flannel. These fitted sheets are available in many different colors so your mattress will be in a harmonious combination with your duvet cover and this determines to a large extent the atmosphere in your bedroom.

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