About 24-bedding.com

Who are we:

24-Bedding is more than just a web store. We are also a producer and wholesaler of bed textiles. We have been doing this for over 40 years and you can expect us to know what we are talking about. This way you are assured of:

  • Professional Organization.
  • Excellent knowledge of our products.
  • Fast processing of your order.
  • Excellent value for money.


Fast deliveries and maximum service at a fair price.

24-Bedding.com tries to deliver your orders as quickly as possible. It can always happen that a product is not in stock, but then you will be informed about this in good time.

24-Bedding.com works with a small team of qualified employees. As a result, we keep our overhead costs low and you benefit from that. We always try to offer you an excellent price / quality ratio.

Child labor:

Some of our products are imported from parts of the world where working conditions are not always optimal. 24-Bedding.com is very careful that our products are not manufactured by children's hands. Because we have been working with the same suppliers for years, we can safely say that no children are used to manufacture our products. In any case, we sleep a lot more peacefully because of this. You too?