Jersey Fitted Sheets

24-Bedding Jersey fitted sheets - The perfect fit!

For an undisturbed and pleasant night's rest, it is very important that the fitted sheet on which you sleep fits tightly around your mattress. If a fitted sheet is too loose on it, folds easily occur in the fitted sheet, which is particularly unpleasant. If, however, a fitted sheet is too small, the sides curl back and the mattress will be exposed.

Jersey fitted sheets are very stretchy because they are knitted. This gives the fabric a lot of "stretch", making it easier to fit around your mattress. Once around the mattress, this fabric will try to pull back and this feature makes a jersey fitted sheet so perfect around your mattress.

Jersey fitted sheets are made from yarns of 100% cotton. We use extra high-quality yarns that are very finely spun for this. The finer these yarns are, the smoother and usually softer it becomes. At, only yarns made from fair trade cotton are used.

With the jersey fitted sheets from we have added some extra qualities to the fabric to improve the quality of sheets. By combing each yarn individually, these yarns become even smoother and therefore softer. Also, when combing, excellent cotton fibers are smoothed. These excellent fibers are the cause of, for example, "pills". The phenomenon where small dust balls form on the canvas. This extra quality means that the jersey fitted sheets from are of better quality and softer. They also last longer because of this.

Jersey Fitted Sheets - How do you wash them?

Washing and drying can be very harmful to your jersey fitted sheet if you do this the wrong way. We are happy to explain how you can keep the jersey fitted sheets beautiful and last longer.

  • Before first use, wash the jersey fitted sheet first in cold or lukewarm water. With this you rinse any production residues out of the cloth, but more importantly, this first wash will smooth out the last cotton fiber once again.
  • Depending on the color, you can simply wash your Jersey fitted sheets with other colored or white laundry.
  • White jersey fitted sheets can be washed at a maximum of 60 degrees
  • Colored jersey fitted sheets can be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees
  • Jersey fitted sheets are allowed in the tumble dryer, but we do not recommend it. The best thing to do is hang them out. If you still want to dry them, we advise you not to set the temperature too hot.
  • Jersey fitted sheets do not need to be ironed. After making up, you can smooth out the last irregularities by hand or arm

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