Mattress topper fitted sheet 80 x 200 cm

Looking for a mattress topper fitted sheet 80 x 200 cm? On you will find a wide collection of mattress topper fitted sheets designed for size 80 x 200 cm. Made of Jersey - Molton - Cotton and also available as waterproof topper mattres protector.

Mattress Topper fitted sheet 80 x 200 cm

The best way to enjoy a good night's sleep and at the same time to ensure the long lifespan of your mattress Topper is to use a combination of different mattress topper fitted sheets. We recommend our flannel mattress topper fitted sheet, which provides protection against a loss of moisture during the night. It is very importand that this flannel mattress topper fitted sheet has been made exactly for this size of your mattress topper. It is prevented that folds are being created in your topper fitted sheets and that the corners of your topper mattress rise up due to to much tension.

On top of this flannell topper mattres fitted sheet you can put a jersey or cotton fitted sheet for extra comfort. These topper fitted sheets are available in various colors to match with your duvetcover and the ambiance of your bedroom.

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