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Extend the life of your mattress has an extensive range of mattress protectors for your mattress. From anti-slip blanket to mattress protectors with studs to protect the underside of the mattress. From regular moltons to waterproof moltons for the top of the mattress.

Protect the underside from chafing

To protect the underside of your mattress, it is best to use a mattress pad with studs or, for box springs, an anti-slip blanket under your mattress topper. The many studs significantly reduce the effects of chafing and wear. The air layer between the mattress and the bottom also ensures better ventilation.

Protect the upper nt from the effects of moisture loss

When you sleep, you lose moisture. This moisture is usually absorbed into the mattress. However, you can allow much of this moisture to evaporate if you provide proper ventilation. Air must be able to pass through the mattress from top to bottom to evaporate the moisture present.

When you place a molton mattress protector over your mattress, it will absorb a lot of extra moisture that does not end up in your mattress. Molton has the property to absorb a lot of moisture, which considerably extends the life of your mattress.

If you lose a lot of moisture due to, for example, excessive perspiration (hyper hydrosis), choose a waterproof mattress protector. The waterproof mattress protectors from have a special coating that allows air to pass through but no moisture. An important advantage of our waterproof mattress protectors is that they do not creak like the old mattress protectors used to do. We also have a molton waterproof protectors for your pillow!

The foundation of your bedding is now laid!

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