Mattress Protector 180 x 200 cm

Looking for a mattress protector suitable for mattress size 180 x 200 cm? On you can find a comprehensive list of all types of mattress protectors available for this mattress size.

Mattress protector 180 x 200 cm

To make your mattress last longer, it is important that the mattress you protected from the effects of moisture loss during the night. Namely moisture settles into the mattress where it is ultimately the cause of fungi and bacteria. You can prevent this by using the mattress protectors we offer you at

How do I protect my mattress sufficient?

When you lose average moisture during the night, a mattress protector of flannel or flannel stretch will be enough to absorbe this moisture before it pulls in your mattress. If you lose more than average moisture due to sweating or incontinence, we recommend a waterproof mattress protector.

On top of this mattress protector, you can put a normal fitted sheet, for example jersey, terry, cotton or colored flannel. These fitted sheets which will also absorb extra moisture but they are mainly designed to increase your sleeping comfort and enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom

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