Massagetable Cover

A Terry massagetable Cover is specially designed for use in any physiotherapy, sports or massage practice. This massagetable cover gives your patient extra comfort during the treatment and also serves to protect your massage table.

Terry stretch massagetable covers from 24-Bedding are warmer and more comfortable than regular massagetable covers such as those made of jersey or cotton. Due to the special knitting technique used in making this type of cover, small loops are created on the fabric that provide extra insulation. Because this cover is knitted, stretch is created in the cloth and that also guarantees a perfect fit. The elastic that is sewn around the fitted sheet ensures that the cover pulls itself tightly around your massage table. This fitted sheet is suitable for massage tables with a width of 70 cm and a length of 210/220 cm.

A terry massagetable cover has 2 variants and various colours. On the one hand there is the standard massagetable cover and on the other hand there is a massagetable cover with a facial cutout in the middle. This one is especially suitable for massage tables with a facial recess in the table. You can find both below and order them cheaply online.